Hello all, welcome to my online poker blog.

I've been playing on and off for a decade after being introduced by a friend.

I played regularly for a few years during the poker boom and had a decent record at the micros, particularly Rush and Zoom No Limit Hold'em games (here's one of my graphs).

Around 2012 I began a new career which involved immersing myself completely in study in my spare time, so I had little to no time for poker. However recently this burden has eased and so I have been gradually dipping back in.

I'm an amateur player who still hopes to some day beat the rake.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hey, not much play; much learned again

Just played a single game. I won't play any more I'm tired and early start at work tomorrow. I want to be able to put in much more volume eventually but while we're still learning to play these games I'm putting more time into studying so that I make the most of my HUSNG sub. Currently seem to be drinking up new skills with every video which is AMAZING. I'm not a great learner but making notes on these videos seems to be helping stuff to sink in which is great. And also seeing hands where concepts I've read about before are put into action is translating alot of that knowledge into new found ability - if that makes any sense. I think my biggest weakness is not giving villian an accurate range before making a decision. I've shown that in some of the mistakes I've posted. So I've taken to speaking aloud the word 'range' before every decision in the hope that it helps me to concentrate on what is the most essential piece of information for decision making. It's ludicrous how often I revert to the "I've got top pair let's get it in" mentality. At least I know my biggest leak but it will take some time to undo this habit which I've had for so long. As for the game I played, villain seemed decent but I basically tried a few things I've learned in the last week and it was all coming off. Every bluff, every value bet. It was just one of those games. I kinda sensed villain was pissed off by the end because I was winning so many pots with check raises, turn leads, donk leads etc etc. So I hit top pair when effective stacks were about 10bb and let him bluff his stack off. Prob the easiest game I've ever played but that's not a slur on my opponent but more an indication of the cards I was given.
Lastly, I reckon if I can become a winner in these games my post flop play will be so good I'll basically be able to sit in any game very confident that I have a solid edge. For that reason alone, the sub to HUSNG will pay me back many many times over I suspect.

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