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I've been playing on and off for a decade after being introduced by a friend.

I played regularly for a few years during the poker boom and had a decent record at the micros, particularly Rush and Zoom No Limit Hold'em games (here's one of my graphs).

Around 2012 I began a new career which involved immersing myself completely in study in my spare time, so I had little to no time for poker. However recently this burden has eased and so I have been gradually dipping back in.

I'm an amateur player who still hopes to some day beat the rake.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

There are really some pretty bad HU players

Which is great for us really. $5s are going pretty well so far. Havent played a great deal as Im still single tabling but most players are pretty crushable. The Absolute cash out is taking some time. After weighing the options Ive had to get them to send me the money in the post by cheque. Hopefully that will come soon and I can cash that in. Fortunately this month I get a bonus from work so if the cheque hasnt cashed by payday in two weeks time Ill use some of that money to top up to $500so I can move to the tens. After that its grind time. Trying to think of some goals that I can aim for to ensure I put in the hours. I still think I can play around 6 per day while single tabling so Id have to aim for 40-50 games per week with 40 the bare minimum. This way at least Ill clock nearly 200 per month and when I begin to feel comfortable add in the second table and double this figure. I dont see the tens being much different from the fives so hopefully if we can achieve ROI somewhere around 10% that will earn us a couple hundred a month and I can move to the 20s by the end of the summer. By similar logic I want a 50 buy-in roll for the $30s by Christmas. If I can achieve this Ill be playing at a limit where earning will be comparable to my current wage so I think Ill get much more out of it. Once again, I have no intention of cashing out anything until Ive grown some money (or not, lol) so Ill continue to update with the bankroll progress. Ill also buy another 3 months with HUSNG, the original sub is nearly expired but theres vids I havent watched and I def want to give them something back for all that Ive taken out of it (which is tons). Ive earned the fee in winnings since being a member anyway.
Finally, I was reading about calling to reevaluate. Its something Ive heard many players say during vids and Ive also read in lots of places that its a horrible way to play poker. Im kind of mixed about this. The more information we get to see, the better we can refine our estimate of villains range. Therefore calling to reevaluate seems perfectly reasonable. On many flops our equity is going to be pretty close to villains so I believe we can call or float with a fairly wide range (as long as our hand often has some showdown value). But on the other hand we dont have a plan for the hand when we do this. Its true that calling a street and folding on the next with a high frequency when villain fires again is bad play - its as bad as calling preflop with a wide range and folding to most c-bets. But as long as were prepared to call down light against the most aggressive of villains I dont see this as being much of a problem. Anyway, Ill probably post again about this subject in the distant future if I begin to lean one way or the other. GL


  1. I cannot understand for the life of me why your blog has not attracted more attention .is it because HU is such hard work , more difficult to master than any other form , or is it jealousy because u r doing well and very confident . come on guys.....lend simon ur support and encouragement . Best luck for the future. i for one want to be still reading this when u r playing the $500's . go go FTW . Debanks Poker !!!!

  2. just go to the $10s now - they're no tougher than the $5s tbh (or try some 4man shootouts - if you can crush a particular stake then these will ramp up your BR very quickly).

    Equally the $20s are only marginally harder, but the hit when you lose a few in a row is too much with such a low BR.

    Also personally I'd build your BR through winning rather than sticking work bonuses into your account (unless you definitely know you can beat those stakes). When a BR is built through grinding it represents experience as well as RoR protection...

  3. Adam, in a way I don't want more attention because then I'll have to start thinking about what I write instead of mindlessly posting crap! lol :) But thanks mate, really appreciate the kind words and support. As for the $500s, I think croix, livb, skilledsox etc would eat my soul for breakfast, spit me out and then start all over again. Maybe some day perhaps.

    Meteoric - the reason I'm staying at the $5s for now is so that I can ensure that I'll not busto before I move my roll over. (I'd only have 8/9 buyins at $10 level). The money I'm moving over is money I've won through 30k hands of microstake cash. Vastly different to HUSNG of course, but still money I've won and I think 50 buy-ins should be enough for the tens in this early stage of my learning curve - or do you recommend more? The bonus money will only be used if I haven't been able to cash that money in yet - Absolute wouldn't use my moneybookers account for some reason. Thanks for the advice, looking forward to the tens now :) and I'll give the 4 mans a try. I notice you play the HUSNGs too. I'm a member of HUSNG.com, but any other advice you can give me to improve my HUSNG play? And yes, maybe I should tighten my OOP calling range :)

  4. It was yegor (http://bankroller.blogspot.com/) who put me onto husngs, and he was crushing $20s at that point. He said you only need 20 buy-ins which sounded way too low after playing 6max, but he was right. The variance in husngs is much lower than 6max/FR, and it's not worth getting bogged down in the $2 or $5 games tbh. Get out there and make some decent $$$ :-)

    On my site there's a link to a Nash table - that also has my OOP calling range on it. I dunno if it's tight or not, but I'm happy with it so far (it's more or less the top 30% of hands, while my btn raising range is 70%).

    btw, glad to find another blog playing husngs at my level - I'll keep following!

  5. Thanks alot for the links and the nash table, and likewise Ill follow your progress :). I appreciate your time in posting on my blog, I guess 50 buy ins is conservative then? Well maybe Ill give myself some time at a limit and if I feel comfortable about moving up Ill do that (within the 20BI constraint). Anyway, GL. Thanks again. Si