Hello all, welcome to my online poker blog.

I've been playing on and off for a decade after being introduced by a friend.

I played regularly for a few years during the poker boom and had a decent record at the micros, particularly Rush and Zoom No Limit Hold'em games (here's one of my graphs).

Around 2012 I began a new career which involved immersing myself completely in study in my spare time, so I had little to no time for poker. However recently this burden has eased and so I have been gradually dipping back in.

I'm an amateur player who still hopes to some day beat the rake.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sunday Tournaments

This Sunday PokerStars have a great offer; they're giving away free tickets to the $1m guaranteed Sunday Storm with a $50 deposit. Naturally, I couldn't very well give up the chance to play what is essentially a freeroll with a great prize pool. So since I have ring fenced tomorrow evening for this tournament I thought it would be a good idea to play a bunch of MTTs and see how I get on. I will be playing the following tournaments that register between 17:00 and 20:00 WET:

17.00 $3.30 NLHE
17.15 $8.80 NLHE
18.00 $5.50 NLHE
18.15 $8.80 NLHE
18.30 $11 Sunday Storm $1m Guaranteed
18.45 $3.30 NLHE
19.00 $3.30 NLHE
19.15 $4.40 NLHE
19.45 $4.40 NLHE
20.00 $5.50 NLHE
Total Investment: $47.3

Additionally I will attempt to satellite into the following 'red' tourneys:
17.00 The Bigger $22
17.30 The Hotter $11
18.30 The Hotter $16.50
19.00 The Bigger $11

I'll provide a full tournament summary on Monday (or if I bust early on Sunday night). Wish me luck!

Change in Bankroll Management (boring maths, tl;dr)
Also, I'm going to begin to start mixing up buy-ins for the SNGs I play. At the moment my bankroll strategy involves playing a limit until I reach x sum, then I move up a stake. However, I'm going to begin to use an average buy-in that will roll up and down depending upon my bankroll at that moment. For example, at the moment I've got $950 in my Stars' account. This will allow me to play 3 $7 SNGs and 1 $15 SNG with a 100 buy-in rule because the average buy-in for the three tourneys is $9. Once I get to $1000 I can begin to play 1 $15 tourney for every 2 $7 SNGs I play; at $1100 I can play 50% at one limit and 50% at the next. This way my growth is more fluid, and I can control my losses much more effectively.
If I have decent results I'll bring down the 100 buy-in requirement and begin to use a number of buy-ins more in line with Kelly theory. Somewhere between 30 - 50 buy-ins.

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