Hello all, welcome to my online poker blog.

I've been playing on and off for a decade after being introduced by a friend.

I played regularly for a few years during the poker boom and had a decent record at the micros, particularly Rush and Zoom No Limit Hold'em games (here's one of my graphs).

Around 2012 I began a new career which involved immersing myself completely in study in my spare time, so I had little to no time for poker. However recently this burden has eased and so I have been gradually dipping back in.

I'm an amateur player who still hopes to some day beat the rake.

Monday, 14 December 2009

I bit the bullet

and joined HUSNG.com for three months. Going to put in some hours with their videos now and really try and improve my understanding of post flop poker. At the end of it all I am hoping that I'll have a good understanding of where we are in a hand and what our equity is likely to be on a huge variety of flops. I've also found a few e-books that look really interesting but are rather expensive. I'll prob buy 1 or 2 of the cheapest ones after my membership to HUSNG expires around March time and see what I can learn. These books are for 6 max and have juicy chapters on continuation betting and equities that I just want to read, like, now. Oh well, patience Simon... Let's learn as much as we can from the current resource first. One e-book in particular written for NLHE players who want to move to PLO looks really interesting. It looks extremely thorough (from the chapter titles + segments). I'd prefer to stick to NL since I've learned so much about it already but edges between the better players and fish are bigger in that game which adds up to two/three ptbb/100. This can add up to a lot of extra hourly earn. But that's for next summer or beyond. For now, I'm learning to play HUSNGs. I'll try not to waffle too much for a bit, and post some results + hand histories along with my (developing, hopefully) thought processes.
Where should I play?
Not sure I posted this but my full tilt rakeback request was rejected. I think I signed up through pocket fives so they have my 27% every month. MEH - shan't play there any more then! LOL unless they do a great deal like that take 2 promotion I guess. Anyway, I'll continue to take advantage of my 30% deal from Absolute until I move up in stakes. Apparently pokerstars rakeback equivalent is not really worth it unless you move above $50 buy - in games and I'm not bankrolled or skilled enough for them yet. So for now, Absolute is my game. Hopefully move over to stars next year at some point and grind out some profit. GL

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